Michelle Ross
Favorite Sport: NBA – Go Lakers!
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump
Favorite Saying: “Whenever I fall down,
I always pick something up.”

Jennifer Gladstone
Favorite Sport: Roller-blading
Favorite Food: Oysters
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Favorite Movie: Gone with the Wind
Favorite Saying: “Some people are like
  wheelbarrows–unless they’re pushed, they stand still.”

Brandy McLaughlin
Favorite Sport: Tennis
Favorite Food: McDonald’s fries
Favorite Color: Amber
Favorite Movie: ‘Singing in the Rain’
Favorite Saying: “A good idea can never drop into a closed mind.”

Julie Tyler
Favorite Sport: Hockey
Favorite Food: Anything 'Chinese'
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction
Favorite Saying: “You have to wake up to make your dreams come true."



Support Team
From left to right -
Front Row: Tom Hansen – Joy Burton – Felicia Mendoza – Mia Singh
Second Row: Larry Sheehan – Arnie Goetz – Gary Hummel – Bertha Layne – Terry Saylor – Linda Kilpatrick – Cynthia Schaeffer

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