Market research proves that
for you to become a
'brand name' in sales, your
clients must be contacted
at least three times a month.

You can do that...

With the 1 – 10 – 20 to make money!sm your 'tv-quality advertising' is delivered to your past and present clients, prospects, friends, and family on the 1st, 10th, and 20th
of each month . . .    
Here's what you send 3 times a month 'hands-free' . . .
   Informative and Timely eNewsletter
   Holiday eGreeting Card
   eReferral Card Asking for Business

Follow-up forever with the
There are 10 eCampaigns which will free you from the tedious task of following-up with:
 Past Buyers  Open House Leads
 Hot Sellers  Hot Buyers
 ‘No Hurry’ Sellers  ‘No Hurry’ Buyers
 FSBOs  First-Time Buyers
 Expireds  Renters
The sm won’t stop until they list or buy from you!

  And with the eTrackersm you will know . . . .
 'Who' read your eMarketing
   'What' was sent
   'How many times' it was read
   'How many' marketing messages were emailed

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